Woman praised for ‘genius’ handmade hot water bottle carrier with handy pockets

The winter chill is beginning to bite, but, with the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills ever present in our minds, flicking the heating on for a bit of warmth might not be an option for some. With this in mind, people are seeking ever inventive ways to keep cosy as temperatures fall. Surely one of the quickest, oldest, and easiest ways of keeping warm and snug is the good old hot water bottle.

The reassuring comfort of a hot water bottle warming our sheets in the cold winter months is a pleasure to behold. Some have also discovered the benefits of a hot water bottle while working from home, as people tend to cradle one in their laps or tuck it into their jumper or trousers.

But, as anyone who has tried these methods will testify, there can be ‘slippage’, with pesky hot water bottles falling out of position. Thankfully, one crochet fan has come up with a genius solution – a hot water bottle carrier, all handmade.

Brightly coloured and snuggly, the maker looks happy with her creation, as she simply announces on Reddit: “I made a hot water bottle carrier,” while displaying it in a video.

Even better still, it even has pockets to keep hands warm.

Judging by the comments on her post, she has a hit on her hands, as the hot water bottle carrier is what everyone has been looking for.

One comment said: “My partner was just complaining about being unable to take his hot water bottle to work with him. Clearly this is a sign”.

Others showered the crafty woman with compliments, as one wrote “It’s really awesome!!” and another said: “I am 100% borrowing/nicking this idea. This is amazing!”

“Hahaha genius! I so know someone who’d love to have something like this. I need to make one for my husband. lol He carries his in the exact place it’s sitting on you”, someone else wrote.

Such a simple idea cheered people’s days too: “This video totally made my day! I love how proud you look and this looks like such a practical and cozy [sic] project”.