Cleaning expert shares 80p hack for banishing condensation from windows this winter

As the cold weather starts to set in, many of us will be opening our curtains in the morning to find a thin layer of condensation on our windows. This water will eventually evaporate, but leaving it to do so can cause other problems within our homes, as releasing moisture into the air creates a breeding ground for mould.

But you don’t have to sit by while your windows go mouldy, as one home expert has compiled his top tips for how to tackle condensation and keep it from becoming a problem. Evan Jones explained there are a number of things you can do to banish water from your windows, and some will cost you as little as 80p to do – while others are completely free.

Evan, a bathroom design expert from Bathroom Supastore, said one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce condensation in your home is to make sure you have good air circulation in any rooms prone to mould.

This means opening windows, moving furniture away from the walls, and not trying to draft-proof rooms that will trap water, such as the bathroom.

He said: “Keeping the air flowing in your home is going to minimise the chance of mould growth. Moving furniture away from your walls, keeping air vents unobstructed and not overfilling your cupboards are going to improve the airflow in your home.

“You should not draft-proof rooms that are prone to damp, by doing so you are decreasing the airflow in your bathroom which will lead to condensation and damp forming.”

Evan also suggested doing what you can to minimise the moisture in your home, especially if you’re drying your clothes on airers because using the tumble dryer is too expensive amid the cost of living.

As we previously reported, putting your washing machine on for an extra spin can help pull excess moisture out of your clothes, which means that liquid won’t be released into the air inside your home.

The expert added: “Although tumble driers can be expensive with the cost of living right now, using one will decrease the amount of moisture in your home if you have the venting set up correctly.”

But when it comes to actually cleaning the condensation from your windows, Evan has one easy tip that won’t break the bank – use a squeegee to push the water off the window and onto a towel so that it doesn’t have a chance to evaporate into the air.

You can spend money on a window vacuum for this, but all you really need is a simple squeegee, which Asda sells for just 80p.

Evan said: “To remove the condensation quickly and cheaply wipe down the surface of the window with the squeegee. When all of the moisture is in one area, wipe it over with an old towel to remove it.”

The bathroom specialist also said that you could benefit from a dehumidifier that will help draw moisture out of the air. While electric dehumidifiers can be expensive and noisy to run, you can pick up interior dehumidifiers that can sit on your window sill to soak up condensation.

A four-pack of lavender-scented dehumidifiers will cost you £4 from Asda – making them £1 each.